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Verfasst: 01.06.2006, 17:35
von Stalker114
It is very early version of game. Most conception are ready. Inventory and dialog system not complete, because I don't have much time for developing. Job and family takes most part of my free time :)

I make interesting non-linear system for solving. Every time, when you start new game - program generates special random variable, every object in game take new place in map. Every character take another name from database.
Public version are ready, but it only on russian language. My friend translate game on english (My english very bad :)))) and I post link for download soon!

New screenshots:




PS: You can delete my previous topic.

Verfasst: 01.08.2006, 17:53
von maVado
looks interesting, how is the development going on ?

Verfasst: 04.09.2006, 11:13
von Timeburner
Nice to see that something is still going on