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 Thankyou /Danke ! 
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Its nice that you have an English forum.. i am a massive fan of Burntime and still play it on my Amiga ! Burntime is still a playable game since it did things that Fallout didnt.. food and water / staying alive is the essence of a post apocalyptic games, not laser guns !
I am really excited about the remake and wish everyone the best of luck and happy new year !!

04.01.2006, 20:02

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I'm playing Burntime with my brother on WinXP, using DosBox. It's a great game.

Too bad I can't read german. I'd like to read those topics on the "Burntime das Spiel" forum. Especially the Hints topic.

I hope somebody could translate Burntime 2 to english when it's ready. It looks ultra cool. I tried the test-version.

04.02.2006, 00:15
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