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 Burntime brand- Who owns the rights? 
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Hello there.
My name is Igor and I am new here.
I am game developer and co-founder of indie games studio. I am excited about making Burntime remake one day.
I was wondering if anybody on the forum have contact with former Max Design members or knows who owns the rights to Burntime brand.
I already searched Linkedin and checked Wikipedia but did not find anything useful.
Thanks in anvance! :)

24.04.2014, 22:22

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Max Design -> Sunflowers -> Ubisoft purchased Sunflowers 2007.

Ubisoft still sells the game at discount stores in Germany and some web shops...

e.g. United Independent Entertainment GmbH sold the game on the recently closed T-Online Gamesload service.

2047 - Scavengers of the Wasteland - 2015 PC/Android

24.04.2014, 22:49
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