Radio and Metal detector
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Autor:  Zalewa [ 24.08.2008, 02:40 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Radio and Metal detector

I can build radio from electrical odds-and-ends, batteries and... broken radio. What's the use for it?
Initially I though that once I have two radios I can leave one in the location and carry the second one with me and control that location from distance... that didn't work.

Also there are some differencies between Amiga and PC version. I didn't try out the radio on Amiga version yet (I have Burntime AGA).

So is there any use for it?

Also Burntime manual states that you can build metal detector. How? Since I failed to do that I believe it never made into the final game.

EDIT: I just learned that there was CD version of Burntime for PC. I have floppy version.

Autor:  juern [ 25.08.2008, 05:15 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Radio and Metal detector

As for the radio, no one knows the use of it. It might be a feature that didn't make it in.
Same goes for the metal detector. You can find a broken one but it's extremly rare. There are also mines.
My guess is that there was something like a <mine danger> feature or base defense stuff.

Autor:  araffi [ 25.08.2008, 12:43 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Radio and Metal detector

Mines, metal detector and two way radio are completely meaningless. They are only good for trade.

Btw, gold is extremely worthfull, but can only be changed with endless food or water in a pub or restaurant.

Bringing the game to an end is quite easy if you build up a small ring of food and water producing cites and trap an opponent then between two station and hunger him out.

Always consider one thing: In a station, where you can produce rats and snakes, you can first produce snakes until the storage is full and then snakes until the storage is full.
In stations where meat is producable, you can then produce meat, snakes, rats and maggots in one place. But knife, rat trap etc. must of course be in the station for that!

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