Two problems

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Two problems

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Don't know if this forum has gone inactive, but I shoot anyway:

1. I don't have any sound while playing Burntime. I mean, there's no in-game sounds or music. So while playing I usually turn on some music to not get bored by the silence... But I'd like to hear the good old music in the game. Wondering if someone knows how to fix this?

2. After I've played about twenty minutes/half an hour I can't enter buildings (houses having the title 'entrance' and 'house with water' etc.). Which makes the game impossible to play anymore, which in that turn is a big pity because I really like this game. Is there any possible way to fix this??
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Re: Two problems

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These problems did never ever occur to me:

1. What OS do you use? Do you use Dosbox? What other configs do you use? Have there been other sound problems before with any other game/ application?

2. Try (just for the test) the german version from the download 'section' of this forum and post your experiences with it.
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Re: Two problems

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2. Maybe you just missed a detail of the game-engine: You have to click on a building one time for the "move-command", and a second time (after you reached it) for the "enter-command".